The Nemati Lab at UC San Diego


Our People

Shamim Nemati, PhD

Principal Investigator

Shamim Nemati, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics at UC San Diego School of Medicine, where his lab is developing novel analytic techniques to extract actionable insight from the noisy physiological measurements... Read more

Supreeth Prajwal

PhD Candidate

Supreeth Prajwal is a PhD student in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. His current research centers around Deep Learning and it's application to Physiological time-series data ... Read more

Fatemeh Amrollahi

PhD Candidate

Fatemeh Amrollahi, is a PhD Candidate in the department of Biomedical Informatics at UC San Diego. She is particularly interested in utilizing healthcare data to develop real-time computer-assisted treatment in critical care patients using techniques of deep learning and Streaming Analytics ... Read more

Azade Tabaie

PhD Candidate

Azade Tabaie is a PhD student in the department of Math & Computer Science at Emory. Her research interests include application of time series analysis and natural language processing to improve patient monitoring in Emergency Departments... Read more

Tommy Sharkey

Research Fellow

Tommy Sharkey is a trans-disciplinary designer, developer, artist, and researcher investigating application of Augmented (Mixed) Reality in Healthcare ... Read more

Edison Tang

Research Fellow

Edison Tang is interested in application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare ... Read more

Paul Montgomery, MD

Clinical Fellow

Dr. Montgomery is an internist who is interested in the application of Clinical Informatics and Machine Learning in Critical Care Medicine ... Read more


Sahar Harati

Postdoc @ Stanford

Sahar Harati is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine ... Read more

Russell Jeter, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Russell Jeter, PhD, was a postdoctoral fellow in the department of Biomedical Informatics at Emory. Dr. Jeter recently joined a start-up company ... Read more